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What readers have to say about
Paint Everything Blue. . .


“Lena crafts fiction with a deep intuitiveness towards character, and a tasteful simplicity and evocativeness of style that I can only ever hope to possess half of. We’ve been writing together since we were children . . . but she’s the one who’s truly “got it.” Honestly.”

-Mary Donellan (
Benedic, Domine, Nos)

“This is a beautiful Catholic book, with very realistic and inspiring characters. The end had me in tears.”

Emily Howard, Author of the “Prince Charming Diaries”

“Paint Everything Blue was one of the best books I have ever read. The author has the soul of an artist, as well as a young lady who is deeply committed to our Lord Jesus Christ. This comes through vividly in her writing. All of her characters are eminently believable. Nothing about them seems contrived or fabricated. I saw myself, my family and my friends in many of them. I would highly recommend Paint Everything Blue to anyone who enjoys great Catholic fiction. I am very much looking forward to Miss Donellan’s future literary endeavors. I cannot wait to read them.”

Terence Stanton

“Thank you so much for the book! I loved it. It spoke to me in many different ways, but suffering, awareness, and relationship spoke most prominently.
      “Carlo of course. . .was the embodiment of suffering and the suffering servant. Simple, docile, and friendly, he, without any pride whatsoever, was a sure reflection of Christ to all he met.
      “Awareness of what we do, who sees us, and what our actions mean, spoke to the reader. The reader of your book should realize that our actions go beyond ourselves and enter into the mind and soul of others. We rarely only effect ourselves. We need to be aware of what we do; our thoughts, words, and actions; because like Carlo and the many lives he touched, our awareness matters.
      “Our relationships with those we live with. . .can be hindered or helped by how we cultivate those relationships. Like anything, the more we make that thing important in our loves the more we are familiar with it and so the more we cherish it. The opposite is also true. We see both families in your story who aren’t loving like they should, for various reasons. The relationship is strained, badly. Carlo, unknowingly, created a snowball effect that sent graces into each person’s life, and in turn healed the broken relationships.
      “10/10 for Paint Everything Blue!”

Brother Simeon Gagnon, OSB

Paint Everything Blue is a captivating story which beautifully portrays a life of suffering offered up for Christ and laid down for one’s neighbor. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspiring and wholesome fiction read.”

-Dominic R.

Paint Everything Blue pitched me into a wonderfully dramatic story worthy for all ages and all time.”

-Catherine Hawthorn (read complete review here)